Our Newest Litter Born  01/12/11       Dam: Reba   X   Sire: Rowdy
4 Females and 2 Males
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Here are pictures of Reba and Rowdy as puppies.  She is very feminine and he is all male.  Kaleigh used to make a pallet on the porch with Reba and take a nap.
Rowdy, is half red and blue heeler. He is our only male with blue.
Reba, the smallest from a litter of nine pup from Hannah Bell.
Two Males
One looks blue and the other red.

Four Females
These two are definately going to be red.  You can see the facial and top of the back markings on these two pups.

These two are a mix of Reba and Rowdy.  Each has some red and blue.  It will be exciting to see how they turn out.

M1 blue
M2 red
Click on the small pictures to enlarge.
Litter of 6 @ 19 days old.